2020 Resuscitation Science


CPR and ECC Guidelines

Get the official AHA Guidelines for CPR and ECC, annual Focused Updates, and Guidelines Highlights.


2020 AHA CPR & ECC Guidelines: The Virtual Experience

The AHA will host a series of free virtual events on Oct. 21 to introduce the release of the guidelines. The AHA will unveil the latest updates and key changes in the guidelines. We also will showcase new, updated courses and materials for AHA healthcare provider training that reflect the latest resuscitation science. The new products will be available immediately following the release of the 2020 Guidelines.


2020 AHA Science In-Service

The 2020 AHA Guidelines Science In-Service is an online course designed to provide healthcare providers information on new science and key changes published in the 2020 AHA Guidelines for CPR and ECC. This interactive and self-paced course offers a full overview of resuscitation science changes impacting basic, advanced, and pediatric life support. The course highlights science and guidelines recommendations that are most significant or those that will result in changes in resuscitation practice and protocols. Get yours today!