How to take a course online

Many AHA lifesaving training courses are available online via AHA elearning Portal. Courses that involve only cognitive learning can be completed entirely online. For courses that contain skills that require practice, like CPR, students must complete an in-person Skills Practice and Testing Session with an AHA Instructor after they complete the online portion. The Instructor will evaluate the student's skills and offer a course completion card to students who pass the skills testing requirements.


Find an Instructor near you

Visit the  Global Class Connector and locate an AHA Training Center near you.


Confirm skills practice and testing.

Ask whether they offer a skills session for AHA elearning Portal courses. If they do not, they can offer you a schedule and class information so that you can take a course directly with them.


Visit AHA elearning Portal

If your local AHA Training Center does offer skills sessions, visit AHA elearning Portal, look through the Course Catalog and choose the course that is right for you.


Take the course

Take the cognitive portion of the course online and then contact your Training Center to schedule a skills session.

AHA elearning Portal and the products sold within are all in English. They use the US system of measurement within the products.

Take Course Online